Quick Facts

  • Pronunciation: po-lē-tä’r-khās
  • Strongs Concordance: #G4173
    • a ruler of a city or citizens
  • Appears 4 times in 2 verses in the New Testament
  • Common translations
    • “city authorities” (2x)

How politarchēs is used in the New Testament

  1.  Acts 17:6, 8 NASB – “6 When they did not find them, they began dragging Jason and some brethren before the city authorities, shouting, “These men who have upset the world have come here also; … 8 They stirred up the crowd and the city authorities who heard these things.”

My observations and perspective

Here we see a word – politarchēs – as representing the civic rulers of the city. No local church leadership references.


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