“Who is your covering?”

I hate this question. It is so devoid of scriptural understanding from it’s very foundation!

My covering… and your covering (if you know Christ) is… Christ! No where in scripture are we “covered” by another human being, save those that may be “covering” us in prayer.

Certainly, no one is officially appointed to be specifically designated as the one covering others in prayer in scripture are they?. That would belong to all of us, no?

This question assumes that without someone shielding, protecting, caring for us, etc – that we’re doomed. Um…. I’ve kinda been under the impression that God has been doing those things – so… God is my covering!

Now… all that said – I fully recognize the role of shepherds in the ekklesia…. they certainly care for, protect, and nurture the flock. The critical distinction however is that they do not own the flock. The flock is not theirs, but Christ’s. They’re not the covering any more than a house sitter is the homeowner or a babysitter is the parent. They have a measure of responsibility, but they’re not the covering – Christ is!


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