Yes thank you, I am biased!

Like all mankind, I am broken, weak, and error-prone. Just ask my wife and kids! Without Christ, I am nothing. I cannot help but bring my weakness into my feeble attempts to understand scripture, let alone write a blog about it. Furthermore, I have bias. Guess what…. You have bias too. Try as we might – none of us can remove bias from our interpretation of the world we live in, nor what we read in scripture. We all need the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to us, and reveal He will!

I am persuaded bias is best overcome in the context of multiple counselors. All scripture should be studied with the insights of others, if it is to be understood more clearly. Truth is revealed to each part of the Body of Christ; each one receiving a portion of insight to share with one another.

When scripture is collectively examined together, each one using their gifts and insights, we’re more likely to see things more clearly. Therefore, I do not expect these insights to be complete unto themselves, nor should you.

Because of this perspective of things, I’m open to others participating in the writing and editing of the content of this site, and some do! Furthermore, I often change my perspective as I gain new insights, learn something was wrong, etc – so there may be changes these perspectives over time.  I also welcome respectful and courteous dialog in the comments of any page or article – even if contrary. Responses not presented in such a way will not be published. Participate in the conversation. Meditate. Study. Discern. Discuss. Grow!

With these things in mind, I hope that you will carefully and prayerfully read this blog.

Thank you for reading,

– Pilgrim


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