Word Studies

On this site are many word studies. All of them have to do with words that are used in conjunction with local church leadership. Though this is an exhaustive way to share information, it is done so because often common church folks find themselves trying to debate others who have the time and education to strong-arm others into complying and conforming with bad ideas. Therefore, since scripture is often used to beat the sheep, I present here a scripture-based defense against such assaults.

All of the information was collected using free, publicly available Bible study tools at www.blueletterbible.org.

The process was simple:

  1. Search for an English word or words under consideration.
  2. Evaluate every Greek word translated as the English word.
  3. Understand the definition of each Greek word, according to the Strong’s Concordance and Vine’s Dictionary.
  4. Evaluate every scripture reference for each instance of the word, evaluating each in their context and allowing scripture to interpret scripture.
  5. Record my findings.

The above process, though imperfect, is a simple one that anyone who can read can undertake for themselves, This can be done for any word or phrase in the scriptures. No other sources of information (commentaries, books, blogs, movies, Et al.) were consulted. This was not done to out of low regard for such, but so I could consider these things without the too much background noise.

How this information is formatted

Every Greek word under consideration is separately outlined in its own section. Each word is listed with the spelling of its English transliteration and the pronunciation. Also listed is the Strong’s Dictionary definition, followed by usage references. These usages include the entire verse where the word appears in the New Testament in order to show as much context as possible. You should still look them up for further context.  Each section concludes with a summary of my observations based on the references.


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