Many narcissistic church leaders of the past and present, and no doubt future, believe themselves to be ‘anointed’ for their role(s), and even go so far as to use OT examples of Kingship (Saul or David being anointed for their respective roles) to support such wildly egotistical claims. To view oneself as anointed above others is clearly a view without a basis or precedent in the New Testament. One can quickly see that all New Testament examples of humans being anointed was for the sake of sickness and the need for physical healing. Aside from such, all instances relate to Christ being anointed (or lack of being anointed) by others.

In the Old Testament Hebrew, one word in particular was used to describe human beings who were ‘anointed’ for things like the priesthood and to be kings – mashiyach (Strongs #H4899). This is the word transliterated as Messiah, because most often, it is referring to Messiah.

When the LXX was written in 250 BC, it translated mashiyach as “Christós” (Strongs #5547) from whence we get “Christ”. Interestingly… despite Christós being a transliteration of mashiyach, a word often translated as ‘anointed’ in the OT, Christós itself is never translated as ‘anointed’ in the KJV, NASB, or HCSB. This is true of ALL of the 529-569 instances where it appears in the NT in those versions. This word is reserved for describing Jesus Christ Messiah and Him only.

Let that sink in a moment… so when someone considers themselves, or refers to themselves as ‘anointed’, they are identifying themselves using a word that is exclusively reserved for Messiah. Whether or not this is done in ignorance is irrelevant. Those who claim to be the keepers of the truth and the learned should know better.

It is this authors assertion that many Church leaders are indeed usurping Christ in their efforts to lead and control the saints – attempting to occupy a role that belongs to only one. Only Yeshua is worthy of being considered the anointed of the Father. The saints can rightly consider themselves anointed with Him (as being in Him), but no one uniquely above another. There is no other mashiyach but Yeshua. There is no other Christós but Jesus Christ!

The following Greek words are often translated “anoint” or “anointed” in the New Testament. Study each carefully:

*Note: Christós was left out of this list because it is never translated ‘anoint(ed)’. Furthermore, it universally describes Jesus, not church leaders in the 529+ instances where it is used.