The keyword here is “perspectives”

This blog is not intended to be an exhaustive academic study regarding church leadership in the New Testament. Though it is filled primarily with word studies, it is done so as an average Joe.

Like most people who have not attended seminary or lived in the Holy Lands, I have to work to understand Greek and Hebrew like everyone else. The extent of my Greek and Hebrew knowledge don’t extend much further than “gyros” and “matza”

This blog isn’t for someone on an academic search. Rather, it intends to demonstrate simple truths to simple folks like myself. There are ample academic books written on such subjects already if the reader is so inclined. Those books should be read for those looking for in-depth academic studies of the subjects in this blog. I write for a different reasons (stated above).

I would highly encourage the reading of the entire New Testament, studying every context in which church leadership appears to be in view. Be like the Bereans, searching the scriptures daily, discerning if these things be true. Cling to what is good, discard what is not.


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